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Boos & Bourbon - The Podcast

Aug 2, 2019

In this episode, Jen and Kim invite fellow Canadian Aaron Blake from Canadian Whiskey Corner on the show to discuss an unsolved murder of Dr. Douglas MacRobbie. Aaron has spent significant time researching this case on his own and with a little help of mediums and ghost hunters. Dr. MacRobbie's body was found in the now Cresent Oil building in Hamilton Ontario, Canada. This is where Aaron works and his wife's family has owned the business and building for generations.

This murder happened in 1917 around the time that the Ontario Temperance Act was in place. Dr. MacRobbie was prescribing whisky to patients and also knew who to get bootlegged alcohol from... Did his so called friends have something to do with his murder? Was the murder scene staged? Hear all of the findings on this case to date and the mysterious hauntings on this episode. The Boos & Bourbon ladies sip on Jefferson's Ocean Voyage 16 & Aaron sips on Four Roses Small Batch Select.  

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