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Boos & Bourbon - The Podcast

Jan 24, 2020

Stephanie McNew from the ABV Network joins Kim as a co-host to discuss some strange happenings within the deep and dark ocean. Shipwrecks are a plenty, so it only makes sense that lots of spirits are out there just hanging out with the mermaids. Some famous shipwrecks discussed in the episode are the Titanic and her older sister The SS Atlantic, both White Star Liners and both wrecked off the east coast of Canada. Haunted Titanic artifacts and the ghost of it's Captain are just some of the spookiness uncovered by the ladies. Some other topics covered are: the ghost ship Kaz II, giant squid, Kim's biology class and Stephanie's desire to become a lady of luxury (or leisure). The bourbon paired with this show's topic is Jefferson's Ocean, Voyage 9 & 15.