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Boos & Bourbon - The Podcast

Feb 28, 2020

In this episode, the ladies invite fellow ABV Network personality, Susie Youngson from Birmingham, Alabama on the show. The stories she has are enough to confirm this place is HAUNTED. Not only do they discuss some of Susie's closest friends and family's encounters, but they talk about the Sloss Furnace and it's terrifying history. A former worker's spirit who was responsible for 47 deaths while he was alive (the man, nicknamed Slagg) seems to still hang around the area and give some unsuspecting visitors a slap, right across the face! Also discussed are the stories of Father Coyle and his gruesome murder, Harry the Hacker and some Civil War ghosts too. The ladies choose William Larue Weller bourbon, part of the 2019 BTAC release.